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My first...

This page is to keep you updated on the new experiences that I encounter and milestones that I reach...

My first bath:  Sunday 24th June at 6.30pm

Daddy's Birthday:  29th June

My first picture with Mummy and Daddy together! - 11th July 2007

My first time in my baby carrier -  11th July 2007

My first time in my bouncer (whilst Mummy cooked dinner!) - 16th July

My first SMILE ;o) - 19th July 2007 (we managed to catch it on camera on the 1st August!)

My first day out to the lakes (we went to the local canal for a good long walk! on 3rd August)

My first time swimming - 1st September 2007

My first picnic (16th September 2007)

My first day at the race track (WTCC 23rd September 2007)

My first noises....and now I can't stop 'chatting!' (1st November 2007 and 21 weeks) I'm really teething now too!

My first food!  I had my first taste of baby rice today (18th November 2007) now that I am 5 months old and loved it!

The first time I slept completely through the night (7pm - 7.30am) was on Monday 26th November 2007 - 5 1/2 months old.

not for long though! I am still having my 10.30pm feed again!  I am now 6 months old and Mummy will try again in a few weeks when I am on 3 meals a day ;o)

Update: I finally dropped the 10.30pm feed on the 30th January 2008 at 34 weeks (7 1/2 months)

The first time I rolled over (Friday 28th December 2007) - I was 6 months and 2 weeks old.  I first rolled from front to back and then today (30th December 2007 I rolled from my back to my front!)

My first tooth.  I cut my first tooth on Wednesday 15th January 2008 whilst Mummy was in London with Nanny watching Dirty Dancing.

First words....at 9 months I said Da Da and Ma Ma followed a week later

I first started to crawl on 2nd April (9 months and 3 weeks old)

My trip aboard to Spain ( 8th May 2008 aged 11 months)

My first proper word.  Was on Monday 2nd June (11 months and 3 weeks old) whilst round Tesco's and I saw a 'duck' - now all animals are ducks ;o)

My first time standing on my own - Thursday 17th July 2008 whilst at Auntie Mandy's

My first steps!  I took my first steps on Friday 22nd August aged 14 months and one week.  I have since been walking to Mummy and Daddy, but am still very wobbly!  I'm sure I'll be properly walking in a few weeks time (posted 31.8.08)

Counting to 10 (well 11 to be exact!) - Thursday 18th December, aged 18 months

My first snowman (aged 19 months) -  2nd February 2009.  In the garden with Daddy!  I loved it!