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I've now got loads of videos of me for you to enjoy!  Click on a link below to view:

Aged 8 months:  Mama, Dada...

Aged 8 months:  Laughing at Chilli and her toy!  - check out that gorgeous laugh!

Aged 8 months: I've learnt to dance!

Aged 13 months: In my FunPod, dancing to Girls Aloud!

Aged 13 months: Chasing a lemon...

Aged 13 months:  Watching TV

August 3rd 2008 - at Behaggs BBQ in his ickle car

August 3rd 2008 - Eating my breakfast in Hotel with Mummy

August 8th 2008 - at the park

August sometime - On Trevor the Tractor

August 18th 2008 - Archie and Jenna  (Jenna waving, archie not impresed ;o))

September 5th 2008- Playdough time (Daddy makes them, Archie destorys them!) - aged 14 months

September 11th 2008 - Archie in hysteria on Daddy's head!

October 15th - Holiday (Fuertaventura) - Archie in the sea laughing!

October 13th - Holiday - Archie throwing stones in sea

October 12th - Holiday - Archie in Pool with Mummy

October 12th - Holiday - Archie beeing thrown up and down in the Pool!

October 17th - Holiday - Archie and the Sealions

November 2008 - Mummy let me have a sneak go on my Christmas present!

November 2008 - My Christmas Santa toy

November 2008 - Archie walking around at Goat farm

November 2008 - Archie and the Ducks at the Goat farm

March 2009 - Sometimes you can love tigger too much!

April 2009 - Archie and Phoebe - Ring-a-roses

June 2009 - Archie and Phoebe in Spain on hols - Tunnel

4th July 2009 - Archie's new England Footy Kit

17th August 2009 - Dancing to Hannah Montana

22nd August 2009 - Archie driving his Car at Nanny's

3 September 2009 - Archie in his SuperPants

25 December 2009 - Christmas 2009

8 February 2010 - Missing Daddy (he was in Germany)

1 November 2010:  Dexter 8 months old and Archie 3 1/2 dancing to Charlie and Lola

3rd March 2011:  Dexter's first steps!!