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I was born a week early, on the 14th June 2007 @ 11.39am, by Caesarean as I was breech (that means I was sitting on my arse, a bit like my dad ;o)

I weighed 8lb 3oz.  Daddy managed to sneeak a picture when I was 6 minutes old....

Take a look at the Pictures section to see more pictures of me! these will be updated as I get older.

Me at 5 days old (19th June '07).  I weighed 8lb 3oz ish.

Me at 2 weeks, 3 days old (1st July '07).  I weighed 7lb 14oz.

Me at 3 weeks, 3 days old (8th July '07). I weighed 8lb 8oz.

Me at 4 weeks and 5 days old (17th July '07).  I weighed 9lb 4oz.

Me at 5 Weeks old! (19th July 2007)

Me at 7 Weeks old (2/8/07)

Me at 8 weeks old (9/8/07) I weighed in at 12lb 2oz

Me at 9 weeks old (13/8/07) - I look like a right little lad!

Me at 10 weeks old (22/8/07).  I now weigh 13lb 9oz

3 months old!!! and where has the time gone!

13 weeks old and I now weigh a whopping 15lb 5oz!

14 Weeks and 3 days old

16 weeks and 1 day old (4th October 2007)

18 weeks and 2 days old (20th October 2007) -  I now weigh 16lb 3oz and measure 62cm in length

20 weeks and I now weigh 16lb 15oz

22 weeks old - 5 months old!

24 Weeks  (29th November 2007)- I now weigh 17lb 13oz!  Bibbling as normal ;o)

26 Weeks (8th December 2007)

28 weeks (6 months and 1 week old) - 23rd December 2007

29 Weeks (6 months 2 weeks old) - 27th December 2007

31 weeks (6 months 4 weeks old) - i now weigh 18lb 8oz - 8th January 2008

34 weeks old (31 January 2008)  - I've just cut out my 10.30pm feed and am sleeping through 7pm-7.30am

36 weeks old (8 months old - 14th February 2008) - I now weigh 19lb 2oz and am still sleeping all through the night.  I love my food including liver! and although I am still not crawling, I am getting there though!

9 months old  - I am now saying Da da and Ma ma and making lots of other intersting noises.  I am eating really well and mummy is still cooking everything whilst she has the time to! 

9 months and 3 weeks (5th April 2008) I am now crawling and have been since the 2nd April - I can also pull myself up from the sofa and walk along it...I am still very wobbly on my feet though! 

10 months 3 weeks (28.4.08)  I am now crawling at speed! I can easily pull myself up to standing on the furniture and even grab my walker and walk across the room - oh dear!  I also have another tooth, which makes my total 3 (two bottom and the lastest addition, top right) I look a bit odd tho ;o)

11 months old.  I went on my first holiday to Spain and am now really mobile - I am still not walking, but am up and down and walking loads with my walker!  Mummy has not got me weighed for ages but I am definately putting on weight with the amount I eat!

1 year old!!  I had a Jo Jinlges birthday party and a BBQ round Nanny and Grandad's on my actual birthday (14th June).  I got completly spoilt with presents like a rocker horse, swing and sandpit!  I also got a new trike that auntie Katie built for me and I love it!  I am still crawling and have decided that I can get around quicker this way, so walking will have to wait!  I can climb on the sofa though, oh! and all over daddy!  I can say loads of words now... dog, cat, duck, ball, balloon (boon), brum for car and of course 'ta' and am copying every noise mummy and daddy make - der da, der da for a shark ;o)  I go to a our next door neighbour (childminder) 3 days a week, as Mummy works, but absolutely love it there.  I still love all my food and mummy STILL has not given me any jars...I'm eating the same as mummy now (not daddy, as that would be chips or bread all the time ;o))

13 months old
I am still crawling, but can just about stand on my own....I can say words together now, like brum, brum - ta, wanting to go on his trike or mummy's bike.  Last week I started giving kisses on demand - nice big sloppy ones!  I have also started to like swimming again!

14 1/2 months old - I took my first steps a few weeks ago, but am still a way off walking on my own, however my speech is excellent;  Mummy and Daddy can now say any animal (cow, pig, horse, dog, lion, sheep, cat, mouse, duck) and I will do the noise.  I can also say, apple, car, no, butterfly, flower (and smell the flowers!) Phoebe, baby, sheep, cat, down, blueberry, bath, cuddle and am very good at telling Mummy and Daddy what I want. 

16 months old I've just come back from my second holiday abroad and the first one where I was walking! I loved the beach and collecting stones in the sea and am a really good walker now!  My speech has really come on too and I will try and copy anything that it said to me.  My new words are plane, tractor, breakfast, shreddies, toast, juice, love you, nose, head, drink, hat, ear, eyes, mouth, teeth, leg and I am sure there are many more! as well as saying 'bum' when daddy trumps!  I have a pretty fulls set of teeth now and all bar one molars.  I'm still a great eater and will pretty much eat anything!

17 months old

I'm just so funny at the moment and my speech is brilliant for my age, I can now say so many things and am starting to put words together like 'No daddy, my book' and 'breakfast please mummy' ;o) I'm such a happy little boy and am still a great sleeper and eat loads of different things.  My favourite toys are definately cars and i also love my hats! (click here to see all my hat pictures!)

18 months old.  I loved Christmas this year and really enjoyed handing all the presents out at Nanny's.  I counted to 10 for the first time on my own 2 weeks ago and am really putting words together now into short sentances.

19 months old. I have am learning my colours now and know blue, yellow and red... My speech is excellent and I am properly making my voice heard and enjoying the fact I communicate really well - I can sing loads of songs (twinkle, twinkle, baa baa, 3 monkeys and many more!)  I love the Jungle book at the minute and the elephant song (keep it up two three four....)

23 months old  - well I finally had chicken pox a few weeks ago and to be honest, it wasn't that bad!  at least it's all over with.  I've just come back from a sun holiday in spain with Phoebe and loved every minute.  My speech is still excellent and I am now saying 10+ words to form a sentances as well as starting a few tantrums!!  We had our first trip to the naughty step last week too ;o)  I also had my first hair cut a month ago.

26 Months  - Started potty training and was dry within 3 weeks....I have the odd accident, but have done amzingly well.  The reward chart really helps!  I started off on a potty just in the house and after one month am now using the big toilet.

30 Months -  I loved Christmas this year....take a look at our Christmas video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOKxvExLl9Q

33 months! I know, Mummy's been so rubbish at updating this, but shes been busy baking a brother for me!  Dexter was born on the 23rd Feb 2010 and I've taken really well to him. So what have I been up to....well I started pre-school in January (2 months ago) 2 mornings a week and love it now.  My speech is just amazing for my age and i can hold a full conversation now....people are always complimenting me on how well I speak for my age!