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Well Fisher No. 2 was born on 23rd February 2010 at 11.25am.  Dexter Ronnie Fisher weighed a whopping 9lb 9oz and thank god arrived via a planned C-section.

A few minutes old... his cord was so thick he had to have 2 clips on it!

The Midwife getting me dressed

5 hours old -  and my big bro came to visit me in hospital... he was so chuffed!

3 days old -  first picture at home with mummy

4 days old

5 days old

Here's a video of me 10 days old:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_26Oat2QwA

9 weeks old: I weigh over 14lb now! still being BFed and feeding really well. 

10 weeks old:

12 weeks old:  I now sleep over 8 hours a night from 7pm until 4/5am which is not bad for only 3 months old - must be mummy's power milk!!  I'm cooing a lot now and still gaining weight well (getting weighed tomorrow!)  Here's a video from today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAEGcex-fI8

5 months (25 weeks)- on Wednesday 18th August 2010, I produced my first tooth!  mummy is still Bfeeding me (which am sure be somewhat painful the more I get!)

7 months (31 weeks) : I can now wave bye bye and on Monday 4th October 2010 I clapped my hands for the first time (whilst in Portugal with Nanny!)

9 months (40 weeks) : I said my first word....Mama.  I've also just got another tooth!  I started crawling on Monday December 20th  @ 42 weeks and said another word (which has gone to be my favourite "Duck" on Wednesday 22nd December (43 weeks) old.

8 months old: picture above

10 months old:  Am crawling everywhere, saying mama, dada, duck and ta.

11 months 26 days old (2 days before my first Birthday!!) - I took my first step!!

Aged 1 year and 17 days old (Saturday 3 March 2011), I've jsut taken 10+ steps and taking more each day....I'm still very wobbly, but really willing to walk!  Watch Dexter's steps here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26a45ecCVYM