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I have created this new page for showing off all my little friends that I meet! 

Phoebe Humphries - is 3 weeks older than me and a real stunner.  I am sure I will see her lots and lots.  These pictures were taken when she came up to visit me on the 29th June.

The below was when we met again on the 16th August.   I was 9 weeks old and Phoebe was 12 weeks old:

Phobe came to see us again on the 15th September 2007, we had a picnic in the woods together, I am 13 weeks old and Phoebe is 16 weeks old:

Pheebs came to visit on the 7th December - I was nearly 6 months old!

Phoebe came to visit again when I was 8 months old on the 16th February 2008. 

Pheebs 1st Birthday

Pheobe and Archie - June 2008 - 13 months old

Phoebe aged 15 months (31.8.08)

Phoebe and Archie - aged 18 months:

Ella Fisher - My cousin, is 7 weeks older than me and as you can see has a lot more hair too ;o)  What a cutie she is!!  I first me her on Sunday 15th July.

My cousin Ben Fisher

Ellie Carpenter

I first met Ellie when I was 9 weeks old:

Jenna Day - Became my friend on Monday 26th November

Jenna - 7 months

Jenna's First Birthday party (30th November 2008):

Kids (Jemma, Kellie, Josh and Ashleigh)